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Years ago, Cleveland Brown fell in love with the beautiful Donna. Unfortunately, Donna fell in love and married someone else. She promised Cleveland that if it didn't work out she would come to him. It didn't work out. Her man skipped town with another woman, leaving her with a teen daughter and a baby. Donna offers Cleveland a chance to win her over: by moving to the town of Stoolbend with son Cleveland Brown Jr.. He now lives with a new step-daughter and step-son and strange neighbors, including a loudmouthed redneck couple, a group of woodland bears, and a hipster wannabe.

Latest Episodes

Of Lice and Men S4E20 - Of Lice and Men
When Rallo must chop off his beloved afro after a lice outbreak at school, Junior takes him under his wing when his classmates make fun of him. Meanwhile, Freight Train and Cookie leave Cleveland to house-sit for the weekend, but things go awry when all....

Grave Danger S4E19 - Grave Danger
Rallo sees what life is like in the hood when he stays at Robert's apartment in East Stoolbend, but when Robert takes off for Baltimore and leaves him on his own, the youngster is left to buddy up with local toughs. Meanwhile, Cleveland and his pals are living the life....

Squirt's Honor S4E18 - Squirt's Honor
Donna demands that Rallo enlist in a Boy Scout-like organization, where he institutes a moneymaking scam. Later, Cleveland and Donna are raffle winners of a romantic hotel getaway, but get carried away charging 'incidentals,' which....

Pins, Spins and Fins... S4E17 - The Fist and the Furious
Cleveland decides to make Dr. Fist one of his friends, but fears for his safety when he discovers Dr. Fist's mob association. Meanwhile, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. open a food truck business....

Who Done Did It? S4E16 - Who Done Did It?
After Cleveland eggs Arianna's house defending Donna's honor, he decides to seek revenge against everyone, eventually landing him in court for a murder he did not commit....

California Dreamin' (All the Cleves are Brown) S4E15 - California Dreamin' (All the Cleves are Brown)
Cleveland and his family move to Los Angeles, California and get new lives after Donna pulls some strings and gets Cleveland his dream job as a scout for the L.A. Dodgers. But when he receives a cold welcome from star players....
What's Hot

A Brown Thanksgiving 107 - A Brown Thanksgiving
Aired: 9/22/2009
From Bed to Worse 108 - From Bed to Worse
Aired: 9/29/2009
The One About Friends 103 - The One About Friends
Aired: 10/11/2009
Birth of a Salesman 104 - Birth of a Salesman
Aired: 10/18/2009
Da Daggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance 102 - Da Daggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance
Aired: 10/04/2009
Field of Streams 110 - Field of Streams
Aired: 1/03/2010
Ladies Night 106 - Ladies Night
Aired: 11/15/2009
Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb 105 - Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb
Aired: 11/08/2009
Pilot 101 - Pilot
Aired: 9/27/2009
Buried Pleasure 113 - Buried Pleasure
Aired: 2/14/2010
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